Experiencing Village Tours and the Traditional Lifestyle of Sri Lanka

Feb 15, 2022

Sri Lankan villagers have a simple way of life. People in such settlements are less reliant on the metropolis than city dwellers. Their requirements are restricted. People are kind and eager to converse with tourists despite language obstacles, and they frequently invite them inside their homes for a cup of tea. It has its own flavour when you eat plain food in a simple rural setting village tour. A countryside tour will expose you to various facets of village life, you will get to meet the inhabitants and learn about their way of life, feelings, and emotions. The daily lives of the people will captivate you.

Village Tours are a great way of connecting with the locals and experiencing the rural life of Lankans. Village tours include bullock cart rides, Scenic catamaran safaris, tasting traditional local cuisine and exploring in and around the village. 

So what exactly can you expect from these village tours excursions? 

Rides in a Bullock Cart

Riding the bullock cart is one of the nicest elements of the village tours, and it is a genuinely unique experience that should not be missed. Bullock carts, a two-wheeled wooden cart pulled by a bull, were one of the most frequent modes of transportation in the 1980s and are now a fading mode of transportation. You can go on a bullock cart trip through the village while admiring the natural beauty of the countryside.

Safaris on a Catamaran

Catamaran safaris are a terrific opportunity to travel around the village’s tiny streams while observing the natural beauty. These village tours give you the unique opportunity for bird watching while sailing if you’re lucky enough to spot birds on the way. 

Traditional Local Cuisine 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of village tours is having the opportunity to enjoy all of the local cuisines and observe fresh local products being delivered directly from the farm to the table. You may expect to be served King Coconuts, Tea, Fresh Fruits, and local rice and curry from many of the people. Some people will also teach you how to prepare traditional village meals, making your village tours even more delightful.

Visiting the Village 

Take in the sights of paddy fields and lakes while getting away from the rush and bustle of city life.

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