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The city will also continue to plan and build a marine medical rescue centre. This year, submarine optical cables will be laid and commissioned, and Wi-Fi will cover all inhabited islands and reefs. 1. Noun, singular or mass This is where ideas for storing kitchen pantries come to the rescue. 2. Verb, basic form Chances are you can save the broken sauce and make it as good as new, if not better. rescue, rescue, rescue, rescue, rescue, rescue, rescue, ransom, rescue, rescue, rescue, fire, life saver, διάσωση, sar, saved, emergency, záchranu Nglish: Translation of sauvé for Spanish speakers The words redeem and save can be used in similar contexts, but redemption involves deliverance from slavery or punishment by giving what is required or necessary. I wish more people who believe in de-escalating the police would really think about all the positive things our police do day in and day out, and will continue to do so, our officers would be among the first people in the building to conduct a rescue mission today – just as they did on 9/11 20 years ago. Self-defense forces, police and firefighters have been working to rescue people, but there are still people missing.

The government will use all possible means by increasing the strength to 25,000 soldiers. Mud, rough terrain and bad weather hampered our rescue efforts. We found the parents outside with burns, they said there was another son in the house, we took him out and then they said another boy was inside, but we couldn`t reach the room because of the fire. It was left inside until rescuers arrived. The synonyms ransom and rescue are sometimes interchangeable, but ransom applies specifically to captive purchase. Antonym: arrest, ignore, bind, exclude, capture, inhibit, obstruct, imprison, endanger, abandon, perish, constrict, enslave, kidnap, corrupt Synonyms: resume, restore, recapture, release, save, liberate, preserve Synonyms:release, release, release Synonyms:release, release, release, ransom, release, release Synonyms:liberation, liberation, redemption, release Synonyms:release, liberate, liberate, disenchantment Synonyms: Liberation, liberation, redemption, ransom, liberation, unbundling “Work is the liberation of humanity”; “A surgeon`s job is to save lives. » Vocational training should free early school leavers from chronic unemployment Synonyms: resume, let go, get out of the fire, liberate, save, reconquer, deliver, liberate, redeem Antonym: endanger, endanger, betray, abandon, abandon, expose.