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Obligations To enforce laws, ordinances and rules relating to the rights of a person suspected of having committed a crime or other violation. Access to law enforcement. Tasks Perform law enforcement tasks at interior and exterior doors, ensure correct identification of all pedestrians or vehicular traffic, educate visitors and.. Tasks Responsible for the deployment status of all police officers and civilian employees assigned to the branch. Participates in law enforcement, at the police office,. If you would like to post a job posting below, submit your entry in a PDF attachment. Enter your department, position, and a closing date (no more than 60 days) in the body of the email. Email to: *APPLY NOW!!! **RETIREES AND VETERANS ARE WELCOME!* We are looking for those who proudly wear our uniform and present themselves professionally. Skip navigation Develop/organize menu SPD-Home Career Application Process Job offers Hot jobs State Professional intern Job advertisement Direct appointment.

Duties The incumbent acts as the Senior Detective responsible for the independent planning, development and execution of large ones. Hunter Training Program Tasks Installation Coordinator. Patrol the facility. Monitor, investigate and arrest people. Help. Duties: Leads, coordinates and supervises office operations and provides general supervision of civilian personnel and technical guidance for the military. JC Protection, LLC. is a fast-growing company currently looking for an “armed security guard” for a location in downtown Brooklyn. Shifts are from 8:15 a.m. to 6 a.m. Job brief JOB SUMMARY: This is a part-time sworn law enforcement agency appointed by the City of Richmond Sheriff.

Part-time deputies.