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On Friday, the government issued a ministerial decree allowing people to get on and off at funerals, but no press release or statement was issued on the change. The rules for settling an estate are the same whether or not the testator has a will. Regulating succession means transferring all property, rights and obligations from the deceased to the beneficiaries. If there is no will, you must first determine the legal heirs and the share that is entitled to inherit in each case. The law regulates who inherits in these situations and how much they inherit. Without fanfare and advertising, the Quebec government has made a significant change to public health regulations regarding funerals. Our rules are those mandated by the Government of Quebec and health authorities, namely to maintain a distance of 1 meter between people at all times, including meetings with our advisors, bereaved visits and funeral ceremonies. Kisses, handshakes and hugs should be avoided at all costs. Church funeral: The vaccination certificate is no longer required and there is no limit to the number of believers who can accommodate places of worship. Because dioceses and churches issue and follow their own rules and guidelines, we cannot guarantee that the funeral will take place in the church of your choice. Your Memoria advisor can check this for you.

According to provincial regulations for orange zones, funerals are “limited to a maximum of 25 people, excluding funeral directors and volunteers inside or outside the building,” and masks must be worn indoors. In an email to CTV News, a spokesperson for the provincial health ministry confirmed the change, saying it “is permitted when handing over the body or ashes of the deceased, as well as when expressing condolences,” as long as the “number of people present at the same time never exceeds the maximum” allowed by the alert level rules for this region. Probate certifies that the will was actually made by the deceased and that it complies with the legal provisions of the Civil Code of Qu├ębec. Alphonso Davies scored Canada`s first men`s World Cup goal, but the team was eliminated from the tournament after a 4-1 loss to Croatia. The death of a person requires several administrative procedures that we can facilitate for you. We have all the necessary documents, including for the settlement of an estate, and accompany you throughout this process. To personally express your condolences safely from 1 meter away, we recommend that you nod to the person you are talking to. In addition, people can comfort the bereaved by sending them messages about our obituaries. For funeral arrangements and prearrangements, we have taken several steps to ensure that your face-to-face meetings with our consultants are more than safe. We can also meet with you by phone or email, whichever works best for you. For more information, call 514-727-2847 or 1-888-727-2847 (toll-free) or email us.

In order to maintain our obligations during this period of physical distancing, we have adjusted our many support services: if the will indicates that the liquidator is responsible for the funeral arrangements, the liquidator must take care of it. In this situation, the liquidator has the final say on the agreements, but it is a good idea for the liquidator to ask the family for their contribution. The first thing to do is the funeral. Congratulations on the work you do to respect safety guidelines and allow people to travel with dignity. Thank you very much. To relieve your grief, and especially during this pandemic, Magnus Poirier offers you free psychological support. You can also check out these helpful resources. The liquidator is the person appointed to manage the deceased`s affairs, including filing tax returns, compiling a list of the deceased`s property and distributing that property to those who inherit from the testator. Executors are often referred to as executors. German Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said the previously announced one million units of imported children`s painkillers would hit pharmacy shelves, while another 500,000 units had been ordered and were expected in the coming weeks.

Dau the precautions to be taken to handle the bodies of people who have died of COVID-19, which comply with the directives of the Government of Quebec and health authorities and which can be found in the Safety and Resources section of our website. If the deceased did not make such arrangements, but told you what she wanted before her death, you should follow her wishes. You can also ask your family members. Protesters angered by harsh anti-virus measures called on China`s powerful leader to step down, an unprecedented rebuke as authorities in at least eight cities struggled to quell Sunday`s protests that are a rare direct challenge to the ruling Communist Party. Are you at high risk of complications? Discover our many remote services. To limit the risk of infection, we recommend that you stay 1 meter away from the person you are talking to. Then nod while holding a hand over your heart. In addition, people can comfort the bereaved by sending them messages about our obituaries. You can also ask a notary or lawyer to do this research.

It`s a bit more expensive, but you`ll probably get an answer sooner. A will that is not drawn up by a notary must be confirmed by a court or notary to be official. A will drawn up by a lawyer must also be validated.