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The only catch is that you have to find one that was produced in the 1995 model year or earlier. Technically, the Mazda RX-7 is not illegal in the U.S. unless you want to import one of the latest iterations. Then you will have to wait a bit. But why did the U.S. government make the Mazda RX7 illegal? Or, better yet, was it illegal at all? As one of our astute readers pointed out in the comments of our last article, “Why do you need to go to a CARB ref? We thought the kit came with an EO sticker? We thought the same thing, but to be sure, we called CARB to see if the sticker was enough. Unfortunately, the lovely lady on the other end of the line told us that ALL engine changes must be approved by a referee – EO stickers or not. It`s not the end of the world for us because we`re not trying to bend the rules here anyway, it would just have been much more comfortable if we could have hit the smog shop on the street. Plan to make an appointment at an arbitration station in Los Angeles at least a week after your call, as there aren`t that many of them and they seem to have a lot to do! Unfortunately, our enthusiasm to legalize the car had to be put on hold. In fact, Mazda RX7 owners at the time were so afraid to cross county lines because they thought their car was illegal, which they probably should have looked for if they had moved to a new state.

Since the FD was only introduced in the United States for a short time, production figures were low and thanks to the “Fast and Furious” franchise, demand for this legend picked up again in the early 2000s. However, since the third generation RX-7 was produced in Japan until 2002, some right-hand drive models can now be imported and legally driven in the United States. While Mazda has always been known for producing the MX-5 Miata over the past three decades, they have also produced a car that has remained in the minds of car enthusiasts and gamers alike: the RX-7. During its production here in the United States, this sports coupe has gone through three different generations, the latest of which is the most popular. And although the car disappeared long ago after it stopped, they still appear in the Japanese domestic market, but is it illegal to have one in the United States? So, is the Mazda RX7 illegal? Well, technically, yes: any Mazda RX7 produced after 1995 would have been manufactured for the Japanese auto market, meaning it had a left-hand drive configuration, which is illegal in the US. However, Mazda RX7s produced before 1995 would be completely kosher with the federal government. Now that it doesn`t look like the world is going to end, we need to legalize our RX-7 smog and put it on the road! Since the car broke down due to an operation with the heart transplant, the registration expired long ago. It`s only a matter of time before we get overwhelmed by the blur for old labels and excessive racing. A trip to the DMV and a smile brought us a day pass from the lady behind the counter with the issue date left blank, so if we needed more than a day to do our smoggin, we wouldn`t have to go back and line up again! But after only 3 years of production, Mazda stopped producing the RX7 on American soil and it quickly became the stuff of legends. Eventually, people began to claim that the government had banned the Mazda RX7 for a number of reasons: lawmakers hated that a Japanese imported car outperformed US-made muscles, the car was involved in a number of illegal racing deaths, and so on. Toprank International Vehicle Importers specializes in the import and sale of JDM (Japanese domestic market) cars. From Nissan Skylines to Toyota Chasers, vehicles over 25 years old can be legally imported.

Besides JDM cars, we can also import cars from other countries, show or exhibit racing vehicles and cars. Funding available. Shipping possible throughout the country Please contact us for more details. 844-523-2233 or Not all vehicles have any warranty. Imported vehicles cannot be registered in California ( until they are brought into California. Please check all local state laws for title and registration information. 25-year-old vehicles are exempt from FMVSS requirements. Vehicles over 21 years of age are exempt from EPA compliance requirements for importation.

FAQ ( Insurance for JDM/imported vehicles ( Right Hand Drive (RHD) California Legalization of imported vehicles ( Inventory list ( Parts and maintenance for Nissan Skyline ( Find your car – Looking for a car we don`t have in stock? Are you considering a car that will be legal in the future? We can help you legally find, purchase and import a vehicle into the United States. From Japan to Australia, New Zealand, Europe or anywhere else in the world. Read more Aside from the RX7`s incredibly smooth and elegant lines, crisp handling and absolute cornering power, most, if not all, car enthusiasts love this Mazda coupe`s unique rotary engine. Wankel engines weren`t exactly new, as the Mazda Cosmo Sport, launched a decade before the RX7, was the first to have a rotary engine under its hood. However, it was the Mazda RX7 that became known for decades for maximizing the performance of a Wankel engine. First produced from 1978 to 1985, the first-generation Mazda RX7 was an icon for its long hood, curved glass and subtle but powerful 1.1-liter Wankel engine.