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Sign up for a weekly live training on the help page. Help is always available for Legal Tracker users in corporate legal departments and law firms. Live support is available to corporate legal clients 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, Sunday at 6 p.m. to Friday at 8 p.m. U.S. Central Time, excluding holidays. Legal Tracker training programs are designed to help our clients and users quickly and securely become familiar with all aspects of Legal Tracker. Training options are available for all budgets and needs, including self-paced training or weekly online training available on our help website, Personal Legal Tracker boot camps, and customized training tailored specifically to the unique needs of your legal department. Access our online help page for 24/7 self-directed support via the help link at the top right of each Legal Tracker page. On the help page, you can watch video tutorials, read tutorials, and sign up for weekly live training. The experts on our professional services team are able to provide on-site training to corporate legal departments and law firms supporting legal services. For performance and product access issues that cannot be resolved by the above resources, please use the “Click here to contact Legal Tracker Support” link available at the bottom of each law firm`s user page in Legal Tracker. To access the FAQ section, go to the HELP icon in the product (menu from left to bottom), select the Learning Center, and then select FAQ.

If you cannot log in or access the Legal Tracker link, send an email to: Support Legal Tracker Your firm`s Legal Tracker administrator is linked to Legal Tracker at the bottom of each page. Your company`s internal support resource can be contacted via the link at the bottom of each Legal Tracker page. Watch short video tutorials on all aspects of Legal Tracker on our help page. OFFICE SUPPLIER NUMBER: How do I update the office supplier number on an invoice so that it is included with future invoices from this company? View response Legal Optimization Clinic – Basic This clinic is designed for new follow-up coordinators and system administrators. Each clinic is led by Tracker Professional Services Consultants who provide guidance and best practices from their extensive tracker experience, including customer success, support, and implementation. Customers will be guided through the tracking functionality in their own databases, and engaged participants will have a better understanding of how to get the most out of their system, save money, automate workflows, and leverage advanced reporting capabilities. All dates and locations are listed below, and the cost of the clinic is $2,800. Our help page is available 24/7 via the help link at the top right of each Legal Tracker page. Search by typing your question at the top of the page or searching by topic. Legal Optimization Clinic – Advanced This clinic is intended for tracker coordinators and system administrators who are already familiar with trackers.

Each clinic is led by consultants from Tracker Professional Services who share best practices and real-world examples that help hundreds of clients optimize their systems. Clients will be guided through some of Tracker`s most powerful and advanced features, and dedicated attendees will leave the clinic with practical recommendations to ensure a streamlined and highly functional system. The agenda is listed below, as are the locations, and the cost of the clinic is $3,000.