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Hotels in Beruwala

Beruwala is a picturesque coastal town in the Kalutara district on Sri Lanka's southwest coast, approximately 50 kilometers from Colombo city, in a 15 square kilometers area, where a wide variety of tourist attractions await guests, including a beautiful golden sand beach, the Beruwala beach, ideal for summer holiday celebrations and visited by a large number of locals and foreign visitors each year. Beruwala, with a rich history of commerce and migration, was an important historical trade site and the country's first Muslim colony..

Hotels in Beruwala

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Things to do in Beruwala

Beruwala provides a diverse assortment of tourist attractions and amusements for visitors, ranging from stunning landscapes and historical sites to frightening religious temples and sculptures. The southwest coast is famed for its beautiful ocean coastlines, and Beruwala beach is one of the most beautiful, with golden sands and a turquoise sea. Brief Garden, the Induruwa sea turtle sanctuary, Beruwala port, the Barberyn Island lighthouse, Richmond Castle, Masjid ul Abrar, the enormous Buddha temple (Kande Viharaya), and off-shore reef gardens are just a few of the treasures on offer.

Best time to Visit Beruwala

The months of January through March are ideal for visiting Beruwala coastal city and its tourist attractions since it is summer in the region, with a nice mood, less rain, and bright days. Rainy season in the region occurs from April to December, which is not suggested for a beach vacation due to the precipitation.

Weather of Beruwala

March and April are the hottest months (with the greatest average high temperature) (31.3°C). August has the lowest average high temperature (28.6° C). May has the highest average low temperature (26.3° C). January is the coldest month (with the lowest average low temperature) (23.4°C).